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Sie haben noch Fragen? Wir helfen Ihnen gern weiter und beantworten Ihre Fragen.
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Adresse: Untere Dorf Str. 130, 57074 Siegen

Zimmer: 1 Zimmer

Gesamtmiete: 330 €

Objekt-Nr.: Typ 1 SIEGEN

Bezugsfrei ab: 01.03.2022

Sie haben sich kürzlich für ein Apartment in Siegen auf die Warteliste setzten lassen. Das Apartment ist jetzt freigeworden.

What does my rent include?

Your rent includes operating, water and heating costs as well as W-LAN access. Depending on the location, your rent also includes electricity costs. GEZ fees are not included in the rent.

Are the costs settled at the end of the year?

We calculate water and heating costs. With this we want to make sure that you do not pay for your neighbors, but only for your own consumption.

Can I move into an apartment for two?

All apartments from 25m² can also be rented by two people. However, since two people wear out an apartment more and use more water than one person, we charge a surcharge on the rent (so-called double occupation fee). This varies depending on the location and apartment type. Please ask us specifically if you would like to move into an apartment as a couple or if another person would like to move in with you during the tenancy.

How can I apply for an apartment?

Very easily. There is an inquiry form on every property page, please fill it out or call our rental hotline on +49 30 83799505. This is available 24/7. We will contact you immediately and arrange a viewing digital or personal appointment. After you have looked at the apartment, you upload your general data (name, date of birth, etc.) and documents (salary statement, certificate of enrollment). conveniently on our website and will receive a rental contract by email within 24 hours. All you have to do is sign.

Further details of our rental process you can find on our YouTube Chanel

Are the apartments furnished?

Each apartment has a fully equipped pantry kitchen, and the majority of our apartments -with the exception of certain locations (Siegen, Bonn, partially Magdeburg)- are unfurnished. We made a conscious decision against furnishing the entire property, as this makes your rent around 20% cheaper than the products of the competition and we give every tenant the opportunity to realize themselves.

However, we have individual furnished apartments in almost every house. Please ask us specifically about it.

To make furnishing easy and quick, we have furnishing concepts

developed by AMAZON and IKEA. We will be happy to give you this after the conclusion of the rental agreement.

Is there an admission fee?

Unlike other providers, we do not charge an admission fee.

How much is the deposit and when do I get the deposit back?

The deposit is usually always three net cold rents (the amount is regulated by law). After you have moved out, you will receive the deposit back within the statutory period, but no later than six months after you have moved out.

Where can I report problems?

Everything is digital with us. Just 24 hours after signing the contract, you will receive a log-in to your digital Livus account. You can use this account at any time to download your contract documents, to ask questions or to report problems, and to rent a parking space (if there are parking spaces in your building).

Are Pets allowed?

Basically we have nothing against it, but it depends on the size of your favorite. Please ask us.

What happens if I have to move out earlier?

If you move out because of a job or change of study place, you can do it at any time, you just have to provide us with a new tenant. This turns out to be relatively easy. Simply post a notice on the bulletin board at your university or simply advertise your apartment online (Facebook, etc.). We charge a small fee if you want to move out earlier than your contractual period. This can be offset against the deposit if you wish.

When do I pay the rent?

The rent is always due by the third of each month at the latest, so that there are no delays, you give us a direct debit authorization in the rental agreement. This ensures that the rent is always paid on time.

Do I need a guarantor?

If you are a young professional or employed, you do not need a guarantor. If you are still in training or studying, we need a guarantor to ensure payment of the rent. If you are an international student you need to provide us with a blocked account or guarantor from Germany.

Can I connect a washing machine or dryer in the apartment?

A laundry room with several washing machines and dryers is available in every LIVUS apartment building. There is no possibility to connect a washing machine or dryer directly in the apartment.

Can/may I register for an Internet connection myself?

When you move in, you will receive login data for W-LAN access for your entire contract period. For technical reasons, it is not possible to register an Internet or landline connection for your apartment yourself.

Can I drill holes, paint walls or change the furniture?

Three times no Look: The entire apartment with kitchen has approx. 25-35 square meters. This area is used for sleeping, cooking and showering, so we have provided all apartments with lime filler and painted and provided with high-quality paint so that mold doesn't stand a chance.

Every hardware store offers adhesive brackets for attaching various objects, which can easily come off the wall when you move out. After you have moved in, we will be happy to give you recommendations for the products that are customary on the market.

And finally: our contribution to the environment!

Livus has specialized in - wherever possible - creating revitalized apartments - instead of choosing the easier way of demolishing a building and building a new one, it is carefully renovated in an energy-efficient manner - thus saving valuable resources. The life cycle of the building is extended, and the ecological balance is significantly improved.The federal government's climate protection goals provide for energy savings of 19% in the building sector by 2020 (compared to 2005). This goal cannot be achieved with new buildings alone. The energetic refurbishment of the building stock therefore plays an important role. Existing buildings have an advantage over demolition and new construction that has so far received little attention: Energy savings in building operation can be achieved with significantly lower resource expenditure and lower environmental impact than in new construction.


Alle ebenso schönen wie praktischen und komplett möblierten Apartments unserer Studentenwohnungen in Siegen verfügen über ein eigenes Designerbad mit stilvoller Ausstattung: mit Fliesenspiegel, Handtuchheizkörper, Spiegel, komfortabler Dusche. Die Miniküche besteht aus Spüle, Herd, Kühlschrank und Schränken mit ausreichend Stauraum für Küchenutensilien. Moderne, hochwertige Fenster halten Hitze, Kälte und Lärm draußen und sorgen für die benötigte Ruhe. Du bringst dein Bike mit, um immer mobil und fit zu sein? Coole Idee! Wir bieten dir über 100 Indoor-Stellplätze und auch für E-Mobilität ist gesorgt, dank Ladestation für E-Bikes. Oder hast du ein eigenes Auto oder E-Auto? Auch dafür haben wir über 100 Stellplätze und Ladestationen. Und damit du deinen Waschtag mangels Platz im Designerbad nicht im Waschsalon verbringen musst, verfügt das Haus zusätzlich über eine Waschküche mit Waschmaschinen und Trocknern für alle Mieter. So kannst du die Zeit während des Waschgangs zum Beispiel nutzen, um dich in der großräumigen und gemütlichen Lounge mit anderen Mietern auf einen Plausch oder zum Billard zu treffen oder um dich in der Learning Lounge auf Klausuren oder deine Bachelorarbeit vorzubereiten. Events, Tagungen, Meetings – wir organisieren auch im Bereich Eventmanagement alles für unsere Mieter. Für deine Recherchen gibt es zudem im gesamten Haus stabiles und unbeschränktes WLAN, das im Mietpreis schon enthalten ist. Und falls du mal Fragen oder Wünsche hast, steht dir unser 24/7-Service mit Rat und Tat zur Seite. Genau so soll deine Traumwohnung sein? Willkommen in deiner Studentenwohnung bei SEVEN HOMES in Siegen.


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